Dedicated to learn the eternal principles of life and living.

Wisdom Foundation is dedicated to the study, research and dissemination of the glorious truths of Sanatana Dharma – The eternal principles of life and living.

This time-tested MANUAL TO LIFE is based on the universal laws that govern the individual and one’s interaction with the world.

Wisdom Foundation is committed to spread this knowledge to serve and benefit the maximum number of people.  Vinayji, the founder of Wisdom Foundation, teaches these valuable lessons in “Applied Philosophy” through Public Lectures, Study Classes, Workshops, Corporate Seminars, Youth interactions and Retreats


To spread “sanatana dharma – the eternal wisdom”  to benefit and serve the maximum number of people.


The Foundation has set up Wisdom Centre to hold Satsangs, regular classes on Scriptural Texts, Online Programs, Group Discussions, Devotional Singing, Vedic Chanting, Yoga and Karma (selfless service).

Administration of the Foundation and all activities of the Centre are volunteer driven.

A team of volunteers, from India and abroad, are engaged in transcripting Vinayji’s lectures and editing his writings. This would evolve into a thriving publication division, to spread the glorious truths of Eternal Wisdom. 


  • To translate the subtle philosophical truths in the scriptures into essential tools for day to day life and living.
  • To create a world where success and prosperity are achieved with lasting peace and happiness.
  • To transform one to lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life
  • To facilitate the journey of self – unfoldment culminating in self – realisation – the ultimate goal of human existence.