Wisdom Foundation is a registered non-profit organization founded by Vinayji, dedicated for imparting “Sanatana Dharma” – Eternal principles of life & living. It is the world’s most ancient culture, a way of life, with a coherent and rational view of Reality.

This wisdom enunciates the universal laws that govern the individual and equips one to meet the multifold challenges of the world. Above all, leads one to the ultimate goal of Self – Realisation.

The Wisdom Foundation is dedicated to study, research and dissemination of this knowledge through public lectures, study classes, corporate seminars and retreats.

The Foundation has set up ‘Wisdom Centre’ to hold Satsang, through regular classes on Scriptural texts, Devotional singing, and Vedic chanting, Yoga & Karma (selfless service).

Wisdom Foundation plans to set up a ‘Wisdom Academy’ for higher learning. It would also provide scholarships as per demand for those interested in learning Sanatana Dharma.