In the era of globalization and consumerism, we are losing control over our minds and are overwhelmed by the desire to achieve our limited personal objectives. This leads to selfish actions causing immense stress, as one is unable to handle the challenges of life.

We face several dilemmas:

  • How do we remain positive, focused and productive to cope with uncertainty and negativity through ups and downs of life ?
  • How do we unlock our true potential and achieve lasting success ?
  • How do we empower ourselves to remain peaceful while being productive ?
  • How do we transform challenges into opportunities and solutions ?
  • What converts mediocre actions to exceed excellence ?
  • How do we achieve true happiness and lasting peace?

To WIN the Game of Life:

  • Learn the essential techniques from the Manual to Life, to maintain the right contact with the complex world.
  • Concentrate on duty/responsibility versus result obsession.
  • We are all born to succeed – when teams succeed, we all win– life is not a zero-sum game.
  • Productivity and Peace are both Effects of Right Action
  • Working with a spirit of sacrifice towards higher goals, sheds one’s ego, removes conflicts and creates happiness and contentment within.

We achieve this by developing our intellect by original thinking and aligning to higher values. Be a self-governing individual and not a world governing specialist.                                                  

This introductory Wisdom Lecture to the Art of Self-Management – a module designed to help the individual to cope with uncertainties and stress, unlock their true potential and achieve outstanding success and lasting peace.