We do not have the inner steel to control our minds … so we are overwhelmed by the desire to achieve goals … unselfish action is sacrificed at the altar of personal objectives … causing immense stress … one is unable to handle the challenges of life.

To WIN the Game of Life:

  • Learn the essential instructions to maintain the right contact with the complex world.
  • Concentration on duty/responsibility vs obsession with results
  • Realise that we are all born to succeed – life is not a zero-sum game
  • Productivity and Peace are both Effects of Right Action – and not a choice of EITHER/OR.
  • Working with a spirit of sacrifice towards higher goals … automatically, confusions and conflicts disappear and happiness and contentment spreads from within

How do we do this ?

Develop ones intellect by having higher values .. be an original thinker … become a self-governing individual and not a world governing specialist.

These Wisdom lectures are designed to help the individual to cope with uncertainties and stress, unlock their true potential and achieve outstanding success and lasting peace.