Our interactive study classes guide students to convert the profound philosophy contained in the ancient scriptures into practical tools for day to day living and become positive contributors to society.

Disruptive change is a recurring fact of life … the great depression or the financial crisis or a tiny virus have shaken the very foundations of the world. Wisdom Programs address these concerns stemming from ‘Lack of Clarity in Thinking’ and enable each individual to lead a dynamic life and achieve success with everlasting peace and happiness.

Wisdom Corporate offerings are transformational programs, designed to unlock the potential of each member of the team to “resonate” with team tasks and Corporate Goals. They inspire originality of thought and dynamism in action and convert strategies into results.

Wisdom Value-Based Educational Programs teach the student to optimize their response to every situation, handle one’s emotions, reduce inter-personal friction, and manage relationships with “proper assessment”. The Art of Self-Management builds one’s inner character and the student evolves into a complete human being, governed by higher values.

Wisdom Workshops are custom tailored to foster excellence, optimize performance, increase mental strength, maximise effectiveness, spread harmony and align to higher group goals to ensure all round success.

Wisdom Retreats are holistic programs enable one to step aside and refresh and helps to convert knowledge into permanent Wisdom.

Wisdom Foundation plans to establish a Wisdom Academy for Higher Learning to work towards spreading the Manual to Life and provide scholarships to the future torch-bearers of Sanatana Dharma.

We appeal to you to join us and take a step towards your own self- unfoldment.