We constantly chase happiness in the external world .. and it always seems to elude us … “It is difficult to find happiness in oneself … It is impossible to find it anywhere else”.

Create an inner harmony and integrate the head and heart to break free from the unending cycle of Rajas (desire-driven action leading to agitation) – Tamas (inaction to achieve calmness at the cost of productivity).

How do we achieve success with peace and Harmony ? Not by forsaking action but by performing actions with a spirit of renunciation.  What should we renounce ?  Renounce appendages to action (non-essentials) to combine productivity and peace – Satva.

A true leader leads by example and inspires one’s team towards a higher ideal fostering a spirit of service and sacrifice. A determined and secure leader sheds ego and identifies, respects, encourages and empowers competencies of his team members.

The team achieves synergy by aligning towards higher goals, commands material success and enjoys mental peace.