Wisdom Workshops are custom tailored to foster excellence, optimize performance, increase mental strength, maximise effectiveness, spread harmony and align to higher group goals to ensure all round success.


We constantly chase happiness in the external world .. and it always seems to elude us … “It is difficult to find happiness in oneself … It is impossible to find it anywhere else”. Create an inner harmony and integrate the head and heart to break free from the unending cycle of Rajas (desire-driven action leading to agitation) – Tamas (inaction to achieve calmness at the cost of productivity). We achieve success with peace and Harmony not by forsaking action but by performing actions with a spirit of renunciation.

What is  Renounced are appendages to action (non-essentials) to combine productivity and peace – Satva. A true leader leads by example and inspires one’s team towards a higher ideal fostering a spirit of service and sacrifice. A determined and secure leader sheds ego and identifies, respects, encourages and empowers competencies of his team members. The team achieves synergy by aligning towards higher goals, commands material success and enjoys mental peace. THIS INDEED IS THE GRANDEUR OF LIFE

The Spring Self Management Program

What is it all about?
The challenges faced in the modern times are multi-fold. One is torn between the demands of work, family and the society at large. An inability to handle these pressures tells upon the physical and mental well-being of the individual. Hence it is imperative to be educated on the art of right contact with oneself and the world. How can one lead a stress-free life? How does manage time? What is the technique of harmonizing all roles? Is it possible to combine peace & productivity?

The manager has to be like the released spring to tap his full potential. But in todays world the manager feels unduly pressurised by various personal and professional challenges like a compressed spring. Many are totally ignorant of this fundamental truth.

Why is SPRING different from others?
Unlike other management programs SPRING’s approach aims at an overall transformation of one’s personality. Thereby one develops dynamism, cheer and clarity. The individual is well fortified to meet the challenges of the ever-changing world. You learn to find peace in action. And develop a spirit of vacation in vocation. Thus living up to the law of life “The mind must be as rest while the body is plunged into action”. It is all about springing back to your original Self of competence minus all the encumbrances that presses you down.