Success Stories of Students of Wisdom Programs

Success Stories of Art of Self Management Attendees

I had the privilege to help organize lectures by Sri Vinay Kumar.

For more than five years he conducted weekly lectures at our Dhyan Mandir, Sainikpuri. Although we were mostly senior citizens with vast experience of life and matters, we always found Sri Vinay Kumar’s lectures on Vedanta very lucid and profound. His exposition of each verse in Bhagavad Gita was so deep and brought out the true essence in a very simple style.

I am happy to note that Sri Vinay Kumar is starting a Wisdom Foundation, and I am sure this will serve as a great platform to spread the ancient knowledge given to us by our great sages.

I wish the Foundation a great success and my best wishes to Sri Vinay Kumar for launching the Foundation. I am sure the Foundation will fast grow in strength under the dynamic stewardship of Sri Vinay Kumar and help spreading the essence of Vedanta, the true Wisdom.

Major General A B Gorthi, AVSM, VSM (Retd)

Formerly: Judge Advocate General, Indian Army.

I started with a search and have been following Vinayji’s teachings on Vedanta for close to 10 years now. Each time I learn something new. The knowledge has cushioned me from a lot of stress and has equipped me to handle my life and work better. More importantly, it has shown me the peace I am searching for is not out there, but within me.

Lakshmi Mohan (Malaysia)

Creative Consultant, Action Europe, Denmark.

The knowledge of Vedanta is of immense assistance in dealing with the challenges we face in everyday life and the vagaries of the mind.

Vinayji is of the high caliber required to transmit this knowledge in an easy to understand manner that we can utilise on a day-to-day basis.

V Chandran

Engineering Director, Symech Technologies Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia

One can never look back after discovering Vedanta. Transforming and Amazing!

A true privilege from Guruji (Vinayji) for his invaluable teaching.

As I continue to attend these classes for the past so many years, I understand myself and my life so much more.

Every day is a new and beautiful day.

Haresh A Sakhrani (Hong Kong)

Being exposed to the Ancient Knowledge imparted by Sri Vinay Kumar, I am immensely benefitted in leading a balanced, stress-free, disease-free and contented life. Sri D Vinay Kumar explains this ancient wisdom in modern terms applicable to the Modern Society.

P Krishnamurty,

Formerly Director, Walamtari, Government of Andhra Pradesh. ​

I am grateful to my Guruji, Sri Vinay Kumar in bringing about a turning point in my life. The profound knowledge conveyed in a lucid manner helped my mind remain calm and receptive, helped me surf through turmoils with ease. It sharpened my intuitive skills in averting high value frauds. It helped me in improving relationships and understanding people. Above all made me positive.

Spiritually yours,

Jaya Raman Retired AGM State Bank ​