You can receive Wisdom Offerings from multiple Channels or Venues, which we call Wisdom Spaces.


Online Spaces include this Website, Zoom Sessions, and our Repository available through YouTube and Facebook.

Wisdom Centre

The Foundation has setup the Wisdom Centre  to hold Satsangs, regular classes on Scriptural Texts, Online Programs, Group Discussions, Devotional Singing, Vedic Chanting, Yoga and Karma (selfless service).

Administration of the Foundation and all activities of the Centre are volunteer driven.

Wisdom Institute

The Foundation is setting up the Wisdom Institute to impart Eternal Wisdom through residential programs, lectures for large audiences, applied philosophy workshops and training programs among other events.

Wisdom Institute will house a modern auditorium with a capacity up to 100 participants.

Wisdom Academy

The vision of Wisdom Foundation is to set up a campus for the Wisdom Academy for higher learning. This residential facility would train students, from India and abroad, in Vedanta andSanatana Dharma. These students could then choose to continue their journey and spread the Eternal Wisdom.

The Foundation would also provide scholarships to those students in need of support.

Wisdom Global

Wisdom Global is our vision to take our physical spaces outside India, starting with the United States.